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57 - Always Fold Pocket Aces

Cheers to motocross!
Gus can fix car breaks.
Peter is releasing a magic trick to the magic world.
Squirrel in a taco
Summer Movie Challenge is ON!
Stories from the road.
Teachable moments.

56 - Jonny Zavant Predicts the Future

Jonny Zavant is our special guest!
Cheers to nude pendulum dancing!
We talk to Jonny about his time working with the Amazing Randi, about the time he and Gus drove cross country non stop, and how Jonny had the worst show ever yet still came out on top!
This week in the news:
Peter Get's food poisoning on the road... again.
Gus and Pete plan a special surprise for Jonny!
Teachable moments.

55 - Dilly Dilly to the PGA

Cheers to the 36 year old accountant who got to play in the NHL!

Gus has secret knife throwing skills.
A secret whisky tower actually exists!
Gus saves someones life at the The Home Depot.
The PGA is pretentious. Dilly Dilly!
Gus opens for Jack Ingram
Teachable moments.