30 - The Suckle Hold

Cheers to WWF toddler! https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/739j1x/how_to_lay_the_smackdown_on_your_child/?st=J86UVUYF&sh=cadf0dc8

Peter gets the best SPAM ever.
Final Star Wars trailer drops and the guys weigh in.
Gus has a massage parlor mishap.
Erotic Fiction football quiz continues...
Pete and Gus had a MC meet up in Tennessee!!
Teachable moments.

29 - Win a Free Drink!

Cheers to a beer can smashing on your head girl! 


Rob Balchunas wins a free drink! YOU COULD TOO!

Peter gets domestic.
Gus Starts a black market contact business.
Dirty little football quiz continues.
Peter performs in the globe theater (not THE Globe theater)
Weird guy sits next to Gus on a plane.

28 - Slovenia's Favorite Dessert

Cheer's to the Jack Daniels ice cream sundae! http://bit.ly/2xMmYkJ

Peter's change of heart with his iPhone?
Gus's son is a millionaire in the making.
Dirty Little football quiz continues!
peer performs the first Summoning Spirits show of the semester.
Gus has a travel disaster.
annnnd some teachable moments.