38 - Love Letter to Waffle House

Cheer to cooking to your own food at Waffle House!
Our Love letter to Waffle House.
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To Elf or not to Elf?
Is it strange to travel with your own toilet paper?
Dirty little football quiz continues...
Peter and Gus talk about times they woke up on a flight to heart stopping emergencies!
Teachable moments.

37 - Dan Martin Full Tilt

Special guest Dan Martin!
Cheers to epic VR fails! 
The Yule Mule Recipe  
Getting to know Dan.
Gus kicks his sons butt is a Jedi duel.
Dirty Little Football Quiz continues with a twist this week.
Peter tells and epic Dan story about conning his way into Universal studios!
Dan tells us the story of when he pick pocketed the TSA!
Teachable moments might save your life.

36 - The Terminators are Coming

Cheers to our robot overlords!
MC Fan Mail Time.
Someone learned something from teachable moments!
Gus and Pete gives some magic advice.
Hilarious church sign!Dirty little football quiz continues.
Peter's travels back from Reno with some travel snafus. 
Gus does magic for a very descriptive 6 year old.
Teachable moments

35 - Thankful for my Coping Sauce

Cheers to Epic Party Saves!
Pete's drink recipe: The Brown Turkey
The Thanksgiving episode! We talk food, drink, traditions...
Dirty little football quiz continues...
From PA to Reno Pete is on the road all week.
Gus does NOT go to a strip club.
Peter teaches his newly learned blackjack system that won him cash in Reno!