Recent Episodes

65 - Comfortable Screw

Cheers to the Hannibal Buress look a like on the red carpet!
What is a comfortable screw?
Bryces stitches.
Conjuring at the Colony Starts this week.
My magic trick gets a name.
This week in the news, this sheriff is a dick
Summer movie challenge continues!
Peter's new material falls flat.
Murder, drowning and a car stolen... Gus encounters the ultimate buzz kill.
Teachable moments will save your stuff from getting stolen.

64 - Juggly with Chris Ruggiero

Special guest in the tree fort: Chris Ruggiero is a juggler, entertainer, pod caster and author
Cheers to an amazingly ballsy and sneaky photo bomb
We chat to Chris about his podcast, juggling vs entertaining, and he holds TWO Guinness World Records!!
We find a real treasure hunt for the MC expedition. You in?
Stories from the road... Pete and Gus are in the middle of project grad night season.
Teachable moments for your ears, entertainment and motivation!

63 - Pedicures are Dangerous

Cheers to fishing for gators!
Gus has the worst pedicure in history.
Pete has the easiest gig ever.
Real life Spiderman saves a baby!
Summer Movie Challenge talking about Solo
Peter travels to Seattle for a show and keynote and gets to visit Bruce Lee's grave.
Gus hasn't slept cause it's grad night season.
Teachable moments about getting in over your head and prioritizing fun!

62 - Adult Sandbox

Cheers to two bored construction workers!
Gus starts a riot at the Flying J Subway
This week in the news we talk about he royal wedding... NOT! Let's talk about something work talking about, Zombies.
Summer Movie Challenge update
Peter gets screwed on a show.
Gus's adult evening with Shel Silverstein
Save time and money with this weeks teachable moments