18 - MC Can go to Strip Clubs

Cheers to dog beer! http://brobible.com/life/article/bro-invented-beer-for-dogs/
Auto birthday wishes on facebook http://www.guidingtech.com/9951/auto-post-birthday-wishes-facebook-walls-friends/
Peter buys a new car.
New Season of Fool Us, Peter reflects on his appearance on the show.
Gus wipes out on a dirt bike.
Monday Club is old enough to go to a strip club and the guys talk about their first strip club experiences. 
Cold brew coffee is the best! http://amzn.to/2uukvt1

10 - Adult Toys #doitinmay

Cheers to childhood toys made for adults! https://www.someecards.com/news/so-that-happened/little-tikes-real-car/
Adult big wheels! 

Gus digs out his old childhood toys.
Peter visits the western trails interpretive? center.

PSA: May is national masterbation month! Someone figured out how you can masterbate for charity! Oh they are totally going there.

6 - Scary Bicycle Cops

Monday Club Cheers to juggling for your sobriety test! http://www.refinery29.com/2017/03/144425/sobriety-test-juggling-routine
Peter got out of jury duty with a magic trick.
Gus & Pete's bucket lists get spilled.
Peter performs his new show "Summoning Spirits " near a haunted castle.
80's martial arts movie exchange round up.
Who won the Monday Club Challenge? See pics on www.facebook.com/mondayclubpodcast

2 - Batman Gets a Boner

Cheers to science! Because science says we should go to the pub more. http://ind.pn/2kEDBvd
Gus’s drink pick is local distillery, Andalusia Whiskey http://bit.ly/2oBkTCv
Gus meets a flat-earther.
Party Stories from Baltimore.  Favorite drinking games?
5 favorite things Gus and Pete do when they’re home.
How Peter popped his virtual cherry.
Gus’s batman story is the stuff legends are made of!!