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61 - Fight for your Right. To Party!

Cheers to defending your right to have a house party!
Cobra Kai is awesome!
Drink De Mayo story from Gus
Copperfield gives away the secret to one of his greatest illusions in a lawsuit!
Peter has an epic Vegas trip with a stop in Austin and sees Gus... like live in person!
Gus does a sweltering outdoor magic show.
Teachable moments that about fraud and pizza.

60 - Best of Monday Club

We look back for the last year and pull out some of the best stories, bits, and content never before heard!!

This is the Best of Monday Club... so far...

59 - David Hall Likes Airport Popcorn

Special Guest David Hall is on the podcast!
Cheers to robo beer pong!
David hall is a nationally touring mentalist, hypnotist and magician. We talk to Dave about how he went from being a magician to hypnotist and now a mentalist with his fiancé Antonina. Also we get some pretty amazing road stories out of him!
3d printing houses for $400 a pop!
Summer movie challenge check in.
Peter gets sunburn from a gig.
Gus has an awkward elevator ride.
Teachable moments this week will motivate you.
Oh and Peter was right.