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71 - Gus Breaks His Leg

Cheers to hand jobs like Heinz:
Beer School
Peter's new trick has presses!
Gus's epic adventure story of how he broke his leg in Colorado
Robots are going to take over the world
Teachable moments.

70 - Beer Gives You Great Ideas

Cheers to falling a sleep on a train!
The guys get another drink from Monday Clubbers!
Beer School
France won the World Cup so we talk about stunt robots!
Summer Movie Challenge
Peter performs for a Mar mitzvah and Gus has a show that makes him question his future.
Teachable moments.

69 - Don't Blow on Your Dice

Cheers to a guy who blew on his dice:
Someone bought us a drink!
Beer School is in Session!
Thai soccer team rescue.
Summer Movie Challenge
Dirty little football quiz is back with a twist!
Stories form the road
Teachable moments.

68 - Strong Woman Mamma Lou

Special guest Mamma Lou!
Cheers to this hilarious heist!

Today we have an inspiring, hilarious talk with Linsey Lindberg aka Strong Woman Mamma Lou. Linsey tells all from her humble beginnings sleeping on the streets of NYC, to a hilarious audition, and then to her stunning achievements and 5 world records!! 

67 - Thief Catching Backpack

Cheers to a hilarious backpack catching device!
Peter gets fan art at a show!
It's Gus's Birthday week!
48 hours of straight comedy!?!?!!?
The World Cup and magic: 
Summer movie challenge
Peter sees a bomb sniffing dog find something at the airport.
Strange corporate shows for Gus.
Teachable moments.