Recent Episodes

52 - ChivalTREE is Not Dead

Cheers to getting stuck in a basketball hoop!
Peter goes to someone else magic show.
Gus has more show sin the Nor' Easter.
American idol is back???
We Make up the news.
Gus grows an airplane foot gremlin.
Teachable Moments.

51 - Kicker in the Dickson

Cheers to a guy so drunk he doesn’t know it’s himself.
Peter's kid goes to 2 year old soccer.
Gus's new puzzle game recommendations.
This week we make up the news.
The Nor'Easter hits Gus and Pete
Peter's teachable moment:

50 - Speaking in Cocaine

Cheers to magician thief… using magician methods, to steal at a magician conference, full of magicians.
Magician's Poker night!
10 Scientific reasons why beer is good for your health:
Dippin Dots!
Teachable moments.